We meet the State and Federal agency's requirements

Plans and reports comply with L.A.M.C., Sec. 57.33.19 for high-rise buildings, Cal/OSHA 3220 Emergency Action Plan, The Joint Commission and ADA reports.

The Joint Commission

LA City Ordinance #180648

An ordinance amending Sections 57.33.19 and 57.02.02 of the Los Angeles Municipal Code to provide for additional emergency and evacuation requirements for high-rise buildings, and providing for new related fees.

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Training and Certification

Tenant notices and compliance packet

We prepare legal notification for tenants along with simple instructions for the Fire Safety Director to appoint Floor Wardens (per ordinance #180648). Additionally we provide a tenant packet that covers all preparation aspects of your fire drill. When drill day arrives you will be ready to get out fast and get out safe.

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Emphasis on training

"Only through practice will people know the location of exits and alternate escape routes, and be capable of finding the way out on their own in a real disaster."
- Susan Bendavid

Our emergency evacuation training presentations are lively so that your participants get the information they need in a format that is easy to understand and remember. Focused on creating a dynamic environment, instructors will actively engage your staff through media rich presentations and group discussions.

This multi-sensory method establishes a high level of participation and comprehension that cannot be replicated in an online environment. Online courses are an option – but not required by the Los Angeles Fire Department.

As we tour the escape routes and explain the life-fire safety features, participants are engaged in simulated experiences, such as using a blindfold to feel their way to the stairwell. This type of experience leaves an indelible impression that is invaluable in a real emergency.

More extensive training in communications and in the operation of all Life/Fire Safety Systems is provided to engineering, security and emergency management personnel.
Evacuation drills are critical for ensuring the safe evacuation of your employees. In California, fire drills are mandated on an annual basis for all high-rise buildings over 75 feet.  Upon successful completion of fire drills, Universal Safety USA provides annual safety Program certification.

We provide administrative support for training and drills to save you valuable time. All aspects of organizing the drill, from writing tenant notices to corresponding with officials, are included in our service.

Submittal to L.A.F.D. See Ordinance #180648 — Page 1 - Item 1

The owner shall electronically submit the Emergency Procedure Manual annually to L.A.F.D., this submittal is included at no charge. NOTE: Any changes to the lists of private first responders, essential building personnel, or emergency contact telephone number shall be submitted to L.A.F.D. within 10 days of the date of change, and certification of new Fire Safety Director or Assitant is required within 14 days.

Building Inventory Forms (BIF)

New High Rise Building Inventory Forms required by ordinance #180648 shall be approved by an official licensee of the Los Angeles Fire Department. Forms shall be plasticized in booklet form (portrait view) in the prescribed order and utilize approved graphics and symbols for Building Inventory Forms. Universal Safety USA is an official licensee of the Los Angeles Fire Department authorized to design Building Inventory Forms and to review and approve designed forms that may be prepared by other non-licensed contractors or architects.

To view the L.A.F.D. Building Inventory Form specifications Click Here

Approved Building Inventory Forms shall be submitted electronically as a PDF document to lafdhrevac@lacity.org

A Roster of Certified Individuals (Ordinance #180648 – Page 2 – Item 1 & 2)

One certified Fire Safety Director and one Assistant per building, plus one Floor Warden and one Assistant per floor, must be trained by a licensed company and certified annually.

A list of certified Fire Safety Directors, Floor Wardens, and Assistants shall be annually submitted electronically as a PDF document to lafdhrevac@lacity.org